The First Night

Light steps rushed over the marble floor of the upper balcony overseeing the entrance hall, resonating through empty corridors and down the stairs. In the almost perfect silence the young voice cut through it as if he had shouted, but in reality, his voice was only near tears. 


At the sound from above Dylan looked up, spotting Jude at the same moment the other saw him. The look in the young vampire’s face fit his voice and Dylan even at th
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2019-05-06 15:21:32


Thanatos and Aion

Thanatos and Aion. 

I’m at this point just putting some faces to the most distant characters that merely exist in the history of the world. Just to have some more pictures for that character database of mine I’ve been populating as of late. uvu

2019-04-10 13:26:55


I know I had this in my queue at some point (since this is from December already…), but it seems I must have deleted it at some point for reasons I could no longer tell you. Anyways, here is Jesher all sparkly and magical. <3 

2019-04-08 13:32:00


Florence Florie <3 

He may only be a side character who’s only mentioned by name so far, but I will always adore that name.

2019-04-07 13:41:04